The Vermont Diesel Emissions Reduction Financial Assistance Program is back. This program provides financial incentives for investments that reduce emissions from diesel-powered vehicles. There is $140,000 in funds available for those who want to replace an old diesel-powered heavy-duty vehicle with a newer diesel truck. Applications must be received by July 10.


to download the grant application

Several Vermont businesses have received financial assistance from this program.  In 2020, a local heating fuel business received $32,000 to replace a 2007 International delivery truck with a 2020 Freightliner, resulting in diesel emission reductions of 93% annually. In 2019, one fuel company received $33,000 to replace a 2006 International and another got $23,000 to replace a 2003 International. A local trucking company also received $108,000 to replace a 2004 Class 8b truck and a 2006 Class 8b truck with two 2021 Peterbilt Class 8b trucks, resulting in diesel emission reductions of 91% annually.