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A chart explaining the complexity of the Clean Heat Standard created by the supporters of this policy.

The Vermont Public Utility Commission (PUC) is designing a “clean heat credit marketplace” in response to Act 18 of 2023, also known as the Affordable Heat Act. A "clean heat credit" is earned when something is done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the thermal sector. More than 150 fuel dealers in Vermont will need them, but no one knows how many "credits" they'll need and how much they’ll cost. While the work designing this policy is now underway, no payment is required by fuel dealers unless and until the Vermont Legislature gives final approval in 2025. Meanwhile, these credits are being claimed now. The law allows them to be earned retro-actively as of January 1, 2023. Sales of renewable liquid and solid fuels, weatherization, more efficient heating equipment, wood stoves and the installation of electric heat pumps could be among the list of energy products and services that receive credit. But no one knows yet. The program isn't fully designed and the legislature hasn't given final approval. The Public Utility Commission has appointed a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and an Equity Advisory Group to answer many of these unanswered questions before the program is designed.  Matt Cota of Meadow Hill was named to both the TAG and the EAG.

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